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Krishna Basuri Program at Tilak Smark Mandir on 28th Aug 2013

Vidyavachaspati Shankar Abhyankar gets D Litt
Noted scholar Vidyavachaspati Shankar Abhyankar was conferred the D Litt by Tilak Maharashtra Vidyap

Gurudev graces second Vishva Marathi Sahitya Sammelan at Dubai
Gurudev graces second Vishva Marathi Sahitya Sammelan at Dubai held in February 2010.

Gurudev enlightens Ganesh devotees in Australia
Gurudev enlightened Ganesh devotees in Australia by delivering series of discourses at Adelaide, Syd

Gurudev enthralls audiences during BMM 2009 convention at Philadelphia
Gurudev enthralls audiences during BMM 2009 convention at Philadelphia Gurudev delivering the key-n

Veer Savarkar Abhivadan Yatra 2010
Veer Savarkar Abhivadan Yatra was organized by Aditya Pratishthan on the occassion of the centenary

Bharat-Ratna Lata Didi Felicitated with Aditya Pratishthan's Laxmi-Vasudeo Bharat-Bhushan Puraskar
The Chaitri Gudhi Padwa (4th April 2011) brought one of the most memorable events in the history of

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An educational intiative promoted by Adithya Pratishthan, Pune
Aditya Pratishthan was founded on the auspicious day of 'Gudhi Padwa'- the first day of Indian Calender - on April 14,1982 by Vidyavachaspati Shankar Abhyankar.The motto of Aditya Pratishthan is ‘Tamasoma Jotirgamaya' Aditya Pratishthan has been striving hard to eradicate relentlessly the darkness of ignorance,misunderstandings,misconceptions and wrong notions about our Culture,our Religion,our Nation,our great Spiritual Leaders ,Acharyas and revered Saints.Aditya Pratishthan has been making a humble effort to eradicate this darkness of ignorance with bright light of the fourfold pathways of Action, Devotion,Yoga and Integral Knowledge

Aditya Pratishthan persues five prominent objectives which to every human being should be 'Pancharatnas' :

  • Protect, nurture and rekindle luminous cultural heritage of India.
  • Foster Moral and Educational Values in the society.
  • Consciously improve awareness in the society about our great nation,illustrious spiritual leaders,holy saints and our,inspiring ancient literature through mass education.
  • Publish & promote moral and ethical literature.
  • Preserve & encourage development of various arts and art forms.

The fulfilment of these lofty objectives is achieved through a host of techniques and media such as Lecture Series, Spiritual Discourses, Kirtanas, Books on Indian Culture, Audio / Video Cassettes, Slide - Shows based on great lives etc. The entire effort is ably led by Dr. Shankar Abhyankar who has acquired an excellent spiritual and scholarly background

Universal oneness is our Dharma.

Selfless action is our Karma.

Selfless service is our Artha.

Philanthropic work is our Parmartha.



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