Annual Meet



Every year in the month of September all Aditya-Vratis meet annually to get completely charged with Gurudev’s illuminating guidance and devotional singing, Gurupatni’s address of future plans, in camera meeting of Managing Body & Trustees, symposium of Aditya Mandal’s Youth Forum, reports of Branches, experience of the yearly completed syllabus and much more.

Gurupatni Aparnatai Abhyankar commenced this practise from 2002 and every year all devoted Aditya-vratis attend this Annual Meet as enlightening festival to rejuvenat their energy. Every alternate year one of Aditya-Vrati is honoured and felicitated with ‘Shraddhashri Award’

This meet helps to make new acquaintances, exchange constructive news & programmes, embed deeply the sense of devotion, unity and total involvement with healthy competition. Here are some lively and enriching moments of these Annual Meets.